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“It is early morning on any given day and the phone rings. On one side of the conversation, one of the inhabitants urgently demands a pine of a Canadian species and it had to be displayed in the garden of his mansion the next day. The concierge listens. The client back to bed and while waking up can contemplate the flamboyant tree from the window. Luxury is desired and possess immediately.”

Have you ever imagined having access to a company that is responsible for everything you need, both your private and professional life? That’s our job: take care of you!

You can’t buy more time, but you can hire us!

Unique Marbella is specialized in luxury private concierge services which are exclusive and finely tailored for you.

“If you think that nothing can buy the time, Unique Marbella – Concierge Services & Properties, will show that it is not; we have the time that you lack.

Contact us and ask for what you want.” Marie Van Der Gucht, CEO

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Contact us and ask for what you want

Marie Van Der Gucht, CEO


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Concierge Services

Unique Marbella Concierge Services & Properties is the essence «Grand Hotel», just for you, at any time and for every demands in your personal and professional life.

We take care of al your demands and wishes 24 hours.

Because your time is a matter of value for us, your personal concierge frees you from the obligation of the organization to leave you only the best: leisure time.


At Unique Marbella Concierge Services & Properties, we have been fortunate to produce a variety of events. From luxury products launches to elaborate charity events, wedding, social gathering and even intimate private dinners.

Our event solutions are designed to deliver more than entertainment or elegant catering. From staffing, meticulous planning, itinerary development and flawless execution.


All our personal and corporate events included superior service, personal attention and inspiring design that have become Unique Marbella Concierge Services & Properties signature.

Our event planning solutions offer a complete turnkey solution that covers every aspect of your event, turning ideas into realities.

TV / Film Fixer Services

Say you’re filming a reality television show and need onlooker for a scene. Tomorrow. Or you’re a documentary maker  and want to find the perfect scenery.

Or you’re headed to film a movie in Marbella and need everything in order.

Where do you start?


Contact Unique Marbella and we will provide you logistical support, facilitates permit, custom, location, talent, crews, equipment, accommodation and transportation for filmmakers who wish to conduct filming in our city. 

Yacht Concierge

Your concierge can lend a hand supporting the day-to-day running of the boat with knowledge of local supplies, but they really come into their own when they are left to devise and organise shore-side trips, excursions and hospitality for yacht owners and charter guests as they travel new destinations around the globe.


Taking care of small things from reserving tables in the best restaurants at short notice and securing tickets to sold-out events, to arranging the hire of private islands in some of the world’s most exotic locations, flying in the local entertainment and international provisions to make each trip a truly memorable experience.

You are the protagonist!


We take care of every details so that you enjoy your time as you wish, we offer high-ended, personalized and uniques solutions. 

- Marie Van Der Gucht

Happy Clients

Nous avons à plusieurs reprises eu l’occasion de faire appel aux services de Unique Marbella, et ce pour des demandes très variées. Quelles qu’elles soient, Marie et son équipe à toujours su trouver les solutions adéquates et parfaitement adaptées aux différentes situations. Extrêmement professionnelle, sérieuse, efficace, et fiable, tout est possible avec Marie et son Agence : organisation (réception, visites guidées privatives), conseils (choix de spectacles, restaurants), trouver , même en vacances, un professeur, une baby-sitter etc. Elle peut également vous guider dans vos choix touristiques. La palette d’intervention d’Unique Marbella est presque infinie. Merci et à bientôt ! 

-Caroline & Stéphane

Having traveled often to Marbella I thought that I had a good feel for the many activities and excellent restaurants in the area. However it was only through meeting the Unique Marbella team that I learned that there was much more to discover! Marie and her team provide a very unique and up to date perspective on all that is going on in the region. Marie is professional, fun and always comes up with good ideas no matter the situation. Unique Marbella allows for a wonderful trip eliminating the inconveniences one sometimes encounters while traveling.



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